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The Painless Planner Challenge 

A FREE 4-day email course for educators & parents

Move your 3rd-12th grade students beyond scribbles on a crumpled piece of paper to actual planning.  

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What to expect from the Painless Planner Challenge:

Each day of the challenge, you will receive an email with links to videos & step-by-step instructions on how to build student time & homework management skills.

Day 1: Learn about the 1-page Homework Planner, designed to get students thinking about how they use their time.

Day 2: Teachers: Develop a classroom routine for students to record assignments independently. Parents: Learn the secret of coaching time management through short (& painless!) daily check-ins.  

Day 3: Take the Homework Planner further with quick lessons to facilitate reflection on time management. Create & track time goals & make concrete plans for when & where they will do their homework. 

Day 4: Troubleshoot common challenges, from what to do if a student hates to write to how to deal with super-resistant kiddos. 

Plus, a preview of even more resources for teaching organization, planning & time management.

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